135/80R13 70N Tyre tire for trailer + caravan max 335kg

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can be shipped within 2 days

Price incl. VAT, plus Shipping 9,90 € in germany


This offer includes:

1 x Tyre

135/80R13 70 N Tyre tire for trailer + caravan  max 335kg

payload max 335kg

max speed 140kmh


also available as a complete wheel!


Constantly we possess about 250.000 wheels, rims and alloy rims for trailers, TRAILER, CAMPERMOBIL / CARAVAN.

Of course *new* and wheels with currents Dot's.

If you aren´t sure or if you have any questions, please call me.


Tel 0049-451-58 69 035

You also can write an email: INFO@caravanreifen.de


Contact person: Gunnar Braasch

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